Thursday, December 27, 2007

Female Body

So why is so great interest attracted to female body? Females have always been the primary source of beauty and feelings of satisfaction, happiness and harmony. People have always wanted to feel good and happy while interacting with each other. Female body could bring these feelings due to human nature to admire some beautiful things. Another aspect is that beauty has always been something abstract, some ideas and images which only gifted painters, designers, poets and sculptures could describe or imagine so that other people were be able to feel this beauty.

Female body however, has not been an abstract idea of some artists. It has been something that could be touched, viewed and even smelled. Human psychology remains each being many aspects to develop so that we are not really sure in everything we can imagine. This feature is creative and, therefore very positive gift from our God. Being constantly unsure creatures we are always striving to develop and find something new. However, such explorations have not always been successful or often remained much to explore in a future. Female body is one of a few things which can establish sureness in our existence sense and may inspire future explorations and findings.

This key role of female body in human psychology was successfully used by first fashion designers whose purposes were to concentrate on female body, emphasize its beauty and even develop it into new images. That is why fashion business has become one of the most successful and profitable ones, and that is the reason why fashion is considered one of the eternal things which will never die.

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Female Body Mass Index

The body mass index is the brainchild of a Belgian statistician and mathematician named Adolphe Quatelet, and was developed between 1830 and 1850.

A person's body mass index (BMI) is the relationship between their height and weight, which directly correlates to the body fat contained within the body and explains the degree of health risk associated with the of the person. It is measured as BMI = Body weight in Kilograms/ height in meters squared.

The BMI values for women seem to be falling on the initial spectrum of the normal adult Body Mass Index, which should be somewhere in between 20 - 22. While the desirable body mass is about 21-23, obesity, which is at least 20% above the desirable range, can be assumed to begin at 27.5 and extreme obesity can be marked at 31.5 for women.

For women, their weight to height ratio could play an important role in trying to assess their health characteristics. Dividing one's waist size by one's height derives the weight-to-height ratio. If you are wondering what some seemingly perfect weight-to-height ratios might be like, a Barbie doll has a WHR of 25 % while some college female swimmers might have a WHR of 42.4%.

Being healthy is one of most primary concerns and American women today are in a constant fight against obesity. Coupled with the increasing costs of healthcare and medicine, the harmful effects of obesity inevitably lead to otherwise avoidable complications. The BMI is surely a useful guide for these women.

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